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Clepsydra Lounge Chair

Clepsydra Lounge Chair

Accento experiences design every day, alongside and in step with designers, purchasing agents, property groups and brands. As hotel, cruise and river ship and hospitality projects become increasingly complex, time- and budget-sensitive, and design-oriented, our goal is to ensure that we continuously( work) collaborate with hotel and shipyard project team members to ensure that our custom products not only look good but arrive on time, within budget, and perform well. This is why we have together with a pool of architects, agents and customers created  the “Clepsydra Collection” where we have wisely mixed technical and structural but also emotional aspects in order to be able to  use them  in multiple locations of Hotels, Ships, Retirement Homes and public areas making those sitting feel a moment of community  and sharing between people combined with a marked note of home and comfort. The variants can have various shapes and sizes, and can also be customized to your liking using different types of bases, metal and wood or with games between wood colors and different fabrics or between fabrics themselves.

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